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Sunday School Ministry  In this ministry the word of God is taught and illustrated on all levels and to all age groups. The ministry is directed by individuals that love the Lord and his Word. Here all of your questions can be answered from the Bible. 

Youth Ministry   Our young people enjoy learning about the Lord and using their various talents to give him glory.  Their gifts are displayed as they become involved in various ministry activities (Higher Praise Choir, Children Church, etc.).   

Men’s Ministry  The brothers in Christ, young and old, fellowship regularly.  At the same time they learn of the Lord’s purpose for their lives.  They reach out to one another by spending time together and helping each other.  Serving the church and community is what these men enjoy doing.  

Women’s Ministry  In this ministry the women are taught to walk whole heartily by developing the character of Christ. Through the word of God their personal relationship with Jesus is enhanced.  Having closer relationships with their sisters in Christ is accomplished through fellowship meetings and other activities (lunches, dinners, retreats, etc.). 

For more information contact Bishop Charles A. Wallace, Sr.  

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